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Hi all. I am new here and in desperation and frustration am seeking for some assistance please.
I have a 1.5 T, 10th gen with 140000km.

This winter, I noticed that with the first cold start of the day the car does not perform well. It keeps revs hanging and generally has reduced power. The Cruise Control also wont engage. The CVT does not shift to a lower ration as easily as it should.

Should I switch the car off after 1 min of the cold start and re start then all works normally. Subsequent starts prove no problem and the car drives well.

It was at the dealer and they could not figure out the problem. I noticed a broken PCV hose that was replaced by the dealer.

I know that the car does run a cold start program for a few minutes but it seems that this program keeps going and does not switch off.

Can it be a sensor issue or software? Maybe normal for the fuel dilution thing?

Would really appreciate any comments.

Thank you.
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