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Hello everyone!

Long time Honda owner here, coming back to the forums once again.. I will soon be getting a Sonic Grey Hatch LX for the wife (wishing she would want a manual), but with the kids, it's probably easier driving automatic). I'm excited because I too will get to drive the Hatch sometimes and I've heard many great things about this car. Last Civic was an 8th Gen Si Coupe(still remember its great revving K20Z3), but we've had everything from a CR-V, Fit Sport, a Silverstone S2K w/ red/black int.(which I miss a lot).. and now the Odyssey for the family, but wastes way too much gas(although it's awesome on long trips), hence the new Hatch acquisition.. I will be lightly modding the Hatch, mainly aesthetically..

Hope to have a good time here.. Anyways, just wanted to say Hi to you all.. :)
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