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I was gonna say this too. It's just how the industry is going. Honda was kind of the first ones in recent history to do the digital speedo (8th gen civic) and it leaked out into almost the entire lineup in some form now.

Audi is switching all it's cars to the fully digital infotainment/gauge cockpit screens and there are already other automakers doing the same on some luxury models etc.

The fact that the screens are customizable in terms of what information is pertinent to the driver (boost, music, car details, mileage, etc) is the high point of something like these. It allows information to be condensed without adding to the various menus on the infotainment screens most cars have now anyway.

It's all about tech and customization
I think that is the main benefit: you can change the information and layout in a digital instrument cluster. It seems like a good thing to make dependant on the trim level that you select.

It is the way that the industry is going though. That's for sure.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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