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Hello - Just wanted to check in with a couple of issues I'm concern with regarding my new 2020 Civic Sport. I purchased the Civic Sport on December 9th brand new with only 3 miles on it ( I added 7 by the time I drove off the lot from the test drive). The car is great, love the control, handle, and feel. Yesterday, I noticed that the door panel (driver side) and window (when rolled down by 1/3) rattles whenever the road gets bumpy. At first, I thought maybe its the fluctuation in temperature and the humidity that's compressing and decompressing the parts in the panel along with the window. But then when I accidentally opened my door without pushing it to open, the door sensor didn't turn on. I would have to push the door (about half) an inch more in order for the sensor to display "open". All other doors displayed "open" instantly when performing the same action. I also noticed that the driver door is hollow compared to all other doors on the vehicle. Is it normal for driver doors to be hollow on 10th gen civics or new cars in general? I've been an Accord owner for many years, and I didn't have this issue with the Accord.

I'm assuming the driver side door is built differently, maybe as a safety precaution to get drivers out of the vehicle if a major accident occurs. And the fact that every vehicle is built differently, I tend not to freak out at all when it comes to issues like this. But my concerns have been growing since I am dealing with a body issue that was not seen the first time during inspection (left trim rocker panel is a bit warped at conjunction with the quarter panel).

I'm really interested to hear everyone's input honestly. My current assumption is that maybe the factory didn't add in the proper material to give the driver door that "solid feel". The worse (possible) case scenario is that it may have been involve in a minor accident during delivery, or in the factory, or maybe even the lot at the dealer (who knows). If so, nothing major honestly. But I'm investigating thoroughly to collect proper data and to have peace of mind. Clarity and validation is important when owning a new vehicle. I can provide videos (and pics of the panel issue I'm dealing with as well, or I can create a separate post for that) later on for better input. Let me know your thoughts, hope to hear from you soon.
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