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Congratulating Honda On a Job Well Done

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AutoGuide was in Detroit last night to present Honda Motor America with the hardware for Civic's 2016 Car of the Year Award victory earlier this week.

Editorial Director Colum Wood delivered the award to Honda Motor America Persident and CEO Takuji Yamada and company Senior Vice President and General Manager Jeff Conrad.

“Congratulations to the team at Honda,” said AutoGuide.com Group Editorial Director Colum Wood. “The new Civic is easily the best all-around package I’ve driven, not just this year, but in a very long time. It’s premium, yet sporty, and I just love that new turbocharged engine. A car that’s this good, with Honda’s reputation for quality, reliability and durability, just doesn’t come along every day.”
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Very cool pic. Indeed, this new Civic is legit!!
Looks like Honda's got its Mojo back!

About the award: I don't see Honda as actually having any competition here. Well, that Shelby was pretty awesome, and the Miata would have been fun too... The Volt looks kind of ... bland, and the Prius is uh, challenging to my eyes... but it would have been my second choice. The Prius had a goal, to drive better while delivering even better fuel economy, and by all reports it achieved it. Looking good, or even not ugly, was not one of the goals, unfortunately. Still, I'd drive one.

But do the math: 2016 Civic/2015 Civic > 2016 Prius/2015 Prius.

The Civic had a goal too, what with benchmarking the Audi A3, and it achieved it very handily. Congrats Honda, an award well deserved. Now where's my Turbo DCT hatch?
Now just bring us an epic Si/Type R, sooner than later.
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Now just bring us an epic Si/Type R, sooner than later.
My guess is they`ll be incremental with it :D

Just launching it to be good enough for overall expectations and with what it will rival.
I'm expecting the Type R to beat the Focus RS.
Beating the Focus RS... tough to say but it should at least be able to keep up. Fortunately Honda has the upper hand here with the Focus RS already on the market, easy to 1+ Ford. But then who knows what Ford has planned for future model years.
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