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Convertible 2017 Honda Civic

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This is definitely just a rendering and just for fun. Found this online and thought I would share it with you guys. Looks completely off to me but it was interesting lol

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Yea, something about a civic convertible looks off to me too. The front still looks good but the proportions look weird, maybe its the lack of a trunk.
I feel like it wouldve turned out better looking if they had started with the coupe instead of the hatchback as their base image.... the coupe's proportions would lend it to being a convertible more so than the hatch i think.

Hatchback convertibles just make me think of the hideous PT Cruiser convertibles from the early 2000s. ick.
Oh heavens, the PT Cruiser convertible was just hideous. I think I would actually take this rendering above over the PT convertible lol.
The PT Cruiser convertible wouldn't be so weird if they didn't have that strange support beam in the middle. The Civic convertible looks odd because the hatchback tail just doesn't belong in one. Probably better to chop off the roof from the sedan or coupe.
I'm not too sure, I think it'll look pretty horrible either way lol.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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