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Shortly after I got my car the rear brake light cover started hanging down to one side. Known issue and the dealer fixed it. Noticed that the cover was not on properly as it was a little askew when looking at it from the rear view mirror. Just by about a half inch. Didn't think much of it. Then today after driving the car for about a half hour I started to hear a creaking noise coming from the back end passenger/trunk area when going over bumps. Like a plastic on plastic creak. It's at the loudness that you can hear it over the stereo.

Later in the afternoon I got my GF to go in the back seat to try and isolate where it's coming from and she narrowed it down to 'somewhere behind her head'. Later I get my brother to drive the car and I sit in the back. Before we get moving I push down (up?) on the brake light cover and while he drives it the noise is gone. Later when I get back in to drive home is slowly comes back (within 5 minutes) to it's previous irritating noise.

Has any coupe owners who has had the brake light cover fixed had this issue? Especially ones in the colder climate?
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