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Cvt & paddles

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Just wondering those who have the SPORT TOURING...How they like the sport paddles?

ie: when do you "typically" shift (rpms)
do you down shift at all?
do you down shift in the auto mode?

Notice a LAG in 1st gear? Not as QUICK from previous car (WRX)

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I don't use them much at all. More of a novelty item, but every once in a while I feel like playing with my toy, so I mess with them. I shift at higher RPMs than the auto does in D. Usually around 5.5 or 6K. I found that leaving it in S and not touching the shifters gives the best launch anyway.
Do you ever feel as if when you feel like playing with your toy, you drive as-is and just floor it more? With the LX, I get bare bones when it comes to CVT shifting but see with touring models, most people don't bother with it, maybe they are satisfied with it in Normal mode? I can't wait to finish my extended break-in so I Can try something more lively throttle than what the HGMO full syn oil may provide or whatever placebo effect I Can get, lol. Anyone change over to full syn feel the car uses more boost and maybe "protects too much"?
It does sound nifty when I am using the paddles to downshift to a stop.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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