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On my 2018 Civic Sport Touring hatchback, just as the other comment says, toward the right side of the speedometer dash display, there is a stem/stalk that sticks out of the clear plastic "window". It is dual purpose. Each quick push will change to a different odometer display setting. Setting "A" miles, setting "B" miles, & Total miles. A & B are basically "trip miles" & can be reset individually to zero. Whichever is showing, by holding in the stem long enough, until it resets to zero. Total miles can NOT be reset. Turning only (& not pushing in) the stem clockwise or counterclockwise either dims or brightens the display, but of course the display has to be lit, & may require the headlights to be on. (Been awhile & I can't remember if any lights (driving/parking/headlights) on is required). P.S. my trip odometer (I think "A") resets to zero by itself, every time I refill the gas tank.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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