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I have 2017 Honda Civic Sedan

With a newborn I have been fusing around my back door area a lot and leaning on my car to take the car seat and baby stuff out of the back doors. then i noticed that when i put my hands at the area above the doors how easy it was to deform, then to my horror, realized that everytime that happened, I left a dent. I went to the dealer to express my concerns, the service person didn't think about it before she started to press on the panels with her thumb.. just her thumb, and left a few more dents!!!

i met with the regional Honda rep and she told the dealer to repair it as a good will gesture. I got my car back just yesterday, and now the panel area above my B-Pillar is all deformed. and the dents are mostly gone, but still the panels on both sides above the door still look messed up.

I opened a case with Honda corporate, and the case manager pretty much told me that Honda shouldn't have allowed the repair cause that "opens a can of worms" and that they won't do anything more to help me and that I should do what i need to do for consumer rights.

now I have a damaged car, which devalue it, and the dealer body shop told me the only way to make it perfect is to cut out the panels.. which effectively salvages the car.

what rights do I have legally to pursue with.

and i know this has been discussed on several threads with car washes denting, and even new cars arriving with dents in the same areas.

obviously Honda won't want to recall cars and cut out panels...

any suggestiions?
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