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2016 Type-R: What We Know

While details are limited, there's enough right now to be excited about right now (more throughout this article), the 2.0-liter i-VTEC Earth Dreams Engine producing 275 hp (280 PS), making this all-new Type-R "unrivalled against” all previous Type R models including the Civic, Integra, Accord and NSX!

The 2016 Honda Civic Type R will usher in a new performance era for the brand.

The Japanese automaker has announced that it’ll be bringing a new Honda Civic Type R Concept II to this year’s Paris Motor Show wearing a bright blue finish while detailing what will be under the hood.

The 2016 Civic Type R will be powered by a 2.0-liter i-VTEC engine from the company’s Earth Dreams Technology family and will produce over 275 hp (280 PS) thanks to a turbocharger helping boost low-end power delivery. But more importantly, Honda is calling the Civic Type-R and its powerplant “unrivalled against” all previous Type R models including the Civic, Integra, Accord and NSX.

According to the car’s chief engineer Suehiro Hasshi, the model’s appeal will be far greater than just a new high-performance engine lurking under the hood. The 2016 Civic Type R boasts numerous engineering innovations and enhancements that will make it a “true driver’s car, worthy of wearing the famous red ‘H’ badge.”


Prototype Spied In The Wild

Spied for the first time, this prototype gives us a great look at what the 2016 Honda Civic production model will look like, so far significantly different from the outgoing 9th Generation Civic. See all of the Spy Shots Here.

New spy photos of a prototype testing in the U.S. biggest that the company is already testing a replacement to the current model, which is struggling against better-equipped compact cars. The next Civic is expected to be a global car based on a scalable platform that will also underpin the Accord.

Rumor has it Honda is planning to produce the global civic in the U.S. If that turns out to be true, it could mean higher performing versions of the Civic currently reserved for Japan and Europe being sold in North America as well.

The prototype in these pictures has a fastback design, but if you look closely there are lines visible that indicate a trunk rather than a hatchback design.

Honda is disappointed enough in how the current Civic is selling to give it an unprecedented two quick turnaround refreshes since it launched in 2011 for the 2012 model year. The first brought mild exterior styling tweaks and improved equipment while the second change swapped its conventional automatic for a continuously variable transmission.

This prototype showed up sooner than we expected to see it, so it’s difficult to guess when Honda intends to launch a replacement to the ninth-generation car.

- AutoGuide.com

North America to get Type-R Model

After many years without a Type-R Model Honda/Acura, sources confirmed North America will get a Type-R version of the next-generation Honda Civic. Expect an announcement to happen around late 2015 with sales starting early 2016. While you wait, add your vote to the 19,292-strong (as of this posting) petition here: Bring the 2015 Civic Type R VTEC Turbo to North America.

The much desired Type-R, the hot-hatch version of the euro-spec Civic, will arrive soon at North America. Sources next to Honda revealed to MotoryRacing today that the new +276 hp 2-liter that will equipe the new Civic is in development to a next generation of US-spec Civic.

The 2015 Type-R is close to hits the european streets, but the US market has to wait. The euro-Civic lives another life, parallel but differrent, from the US-version. In Europe the C segment is hathcbak's kingdom, with less figures sales of sedan versions. The R&D of the different series has differents needs and headlines.

The hottest Civic never would come before 2015, when the europeans is waiting the launch of the Type-R, with a probably announcement at the end of 2015 and an early launch during 2016 for US-specs model.

Honda has to squeeze the recent updated Civic Si and to fit and tune the 4L turbocharged to US-spec Civic (Euro Type-R only has manual transmission), so you have to wait a little more for receive the first Type-R-esque engine since the birth of the legend in 1997.

- Oppositelock.Jalopnik.com


$857 Million Invested for Canadian Manufacturing Facility

Honda will be investing $857 million into an Alliston, Ontario manufacturing facility, a big deal being the brands first 'global lead plant' outside of Japan.

Honda has made a large move to bolster the competitiveness of their Canadian manufacturing facilities all the while insulating them from exchange rate fluctuations.

$857 million in investments were announced just last week.

But thats not the significant bit, Alliston will be the lead production facility for the 10th generation Honda Civic. Lead facility means it will pioneer practices for manufacturing 10th generation Civics that will be used by other Honda facilities worldwide. In case you were wondering this is the first time Honda has allowed this to happen outside of Japan. A BIG deal for Canada...


2016 Honda Civic Hybrid Two-Motor System

For the next-generation Honda Civic, engineers are actively working on a hybrid system which could possibly be a two-motor system that while it costs more, will allow for better electric range and overall MPG.

Ishibashi said engineers are still evaluating which system would work best in the Civic but added: "My personal guess is it could be two motors."

Honda Motor Co. has a new and greatly improved one-motor hybrid system for small cars. But engineers for the next Civic are leaning toward the more powerful and fuel-efficient two-motor system that debuted in the mid-sized Accord Hybrid that went on sale last fall.

Honda has not said what kind of gasoline-electric drivetrain the next-generation Civic Hybrid, expected around 2016, will get. But Hiromitsu Ishibashi, chief engineer for the one-motor system at Honda R&D Co., said engineers are considering the two-motor layout.

Honda has doubts about how the one-motor system's dual-clutch transmission will be accepted in America, Ishibashi said on the sidelines of Automotive World, an annual technical conference here. And the two-motor system would deliver better fuel economy.

The newly developed one-motor system, deployed in the Fit hatchback and the Fit-based Vezel subcompact crossover, pairs a 1.5-liter engine with an electric motor with a dual-clutch transmission.

Hybrid versions of both cars already are on sale in Japan, but there are no current plans to bring the gasoline-electric versions to the United States.

The two-motor Accord Hybrid uses a continuously variable transmission.

'Customers don't care'

"U.S. customers don't care that much about which system [they get], as long as fuel economy and drivability are good," Ishibashi said. "Also, DCTs have not been that well received."

Honda's two-motor system is capable of delivering better fuel economy than the one-motor system because it allows for longer electric-only driving. The Accord Hybrid has a 50-mpg city rating, better than any other mid-sized sedan. The downside: added cost.


Could This Influence 10th-Generation Civic?

Honda previewed it's all-new Hybrid 'Concept B' Hatch at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show. When compared to the recent 2016 Civic Prototype Spied In The Wild, a number of consistent design cues can be spotted. See mentions of consistencies with both Here.

Its the concept B shown in beijing. Now I don't think this IS the 10th gen, but I do think it dictates important pieces of Honda's design language...


Honda Civic Type R Concept II Gallery

If you haven't already seen the recently revealed Honda Civic Type R Concept II in blue, or just can't get enough of it, you'll want to view the photo gallery we have of it Here.

Pictures of the Type R you love that outperforms every Type R before it (yes, even the NSX!)


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Great information here.
Honda has done a great job with giving us the limited information on the Type R that they have already. Can't wait to see more information on it. Interested in knowing what suspension system they have.

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It sure is.

Much better than the red one that was originally shown off.

I like the rear end the most out of all, so much going on that has been executed very, very well.

they can't sell that in the US, people from Oklahoma will create a national crisis when they start accusing the Chinese of premature invasion, "thats obviously no Honda we're familiar with"
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