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Different CVT's available for Civic

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so, i hadn't noticed this before as i just assumed all the CVT's were the same for the Civic's. there's a difference. anyone know what or why?

one is for the 2.0 auto and the other is for the 1.5 turbo.

Continuously Variable Transmission (M-CVT)
Gear Ratios:
Forward: 2.526~0.408
Reverse: 2.706~1.552
Final Drive: 4.680

Continuously Variable Transmission (LL-CVT)
Gear Ratios:
Forward: 2.645~0.405
Reverse: 1.859~1.265
Final Drive: 4.811
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1.5t CVT is built stronger for more power.
I hope it can handle a high octane tune like VitViper is running in his 17 Civic MT.
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