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Dimming the instrument panel.

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I didn't see anything in the manual and there don't seem to be buttons like my 07 has, or a knob or wheel anywhere for changing the illumination on the instrument cluster. Found the entertainment dimming/settings but nothing seems to change the instrument cluster. Anyone know where it is? Or does it not have it? Might get to me if it is full bright all the time. I do a lot of through the night driving and like it dimmed down almost all the way.
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Twist the Trip Odo reset knob. See OM p 162.
My manual only goes to page 157 (last page of the index) and that knob doesn't twist, only the right side one. Wonder if the LX doesn't have that, which would be odd since you'd think the cluster would be common. Any chance of a picture of that page?
There's an Owner's Guide (the wire bound book you are looking at) and an Owner's Manual. The Manual is on the CD or available for download from Honda. You can also get a paper copy for free just for asking.

Anyway, the clusters are not completely common, but I think this knob is. I'm not sure what knob on the left you are talking about. This site makes posting a picture a serious pain. But see the upper right corner of page 37 of the Owner's Guide.
Thanks, I didn't see there was a CD. Got it to work. Odd to me that twisting that stalk does nothing during normal operation, so wondering why they didn't just have it adjust the brightness all the time and not just in the "parking lights with key II" setup.
wondering why they didn't just have it adjust the brightness all the time and not just in the "parking lights with key II" setup.
Maybe so you couldn't dial away the speedo in daylight operation? I dunno.
I recently purchased a 2018 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring, & have been busy learning the many functions & "hidden functions" available to me. One I couldn't seem to locate in the owners manual, was how to dim the instrument panel lights. I am happy with the factory default setting, but wanted to know how anyway. This thread gave me the proper hints. It IS done with the same "stalk/stem knob" (upper right hand corner) that resets the trip odometer miles. It will NOT work in daylight, at least for me. Tonight, I tried it in dark night conditions, & low & behold, it DOES work to change the instrument panel brightness/dimness. It also changed the brightness of my GPS screen. As I turned it counter clockwise to dim it, a message came on momentarily that said "Please Wait", followed then by a horizontal bar graph, that went up or down as I turned the knob shaft clockwise (brighter) or Counter clockwise (for dimmer). My headlight switch was in the Auto mode when I did this with the car running. I didn't check to see if it also worked in headlight or parking lights switch modes. I assume it would. I hopes this helps anyone else wanting to know.
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