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I haven't had a chance to check out a Civic closely yet, or seen one on the road with the front signals in use, but I have noticed that even the LX has LED DRL's (daytime running lights), which surprised me, I didn't realize that the LX had the lights in LED form, at least they look LED to me.

I know that a lot of newer cars with the bright LED DRL's have a feature that will cut off the DRL on the side that the turn signal is in use, I suppose to make the signal more visible without the DRL "washing" it out. Some of the newer Jeeps, Nissans and Toyotas (certain models) have the feature that turns off the DRL when the signal is turned on. My '15 Sonata has bright LED DRL's, but they are far away enough from the signals for them not to be designed to turn off when the signal is on. It looks like on the Civic, that the light is close to the signals, so I wondered about that... I am sure someone here knows. :) Not a big deal, but just wondering.

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