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Hi guys, I'm new here. A friend recommended me to come here, maybe someone can help.

Yesterday some a$$$%[email protected]* broke my side mirror from driver's side. It was a hit and run , so I have to buy it from my pocket.

I've been having so much trouble trying to finding the Hatchback side mirror for my Civic Hatchback LX 2017. My question is, does the Sedan mirror fits the Hatchback? When I called Honda, they told me they're different, but not sure if it's totally true. So, if someone has had to replace this mirror, let me know if you had any problems.

If it's true that is different from the sedan, I'd appreciate if someone can recommend me where can I get it for the Hatchback, since Honda is selling it for $400, yet the sedan's is just $85.

Thank you in advance!
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