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hey all, ill try and keep this short, i bought a 18 civic hatchback with higher miles from a repo company, had to do some paint and body and major cleaning. anyway since day one both passenger side doors would not lock or unlock with the switch or outside door handle. only way to work is if you reach over and manually lock or unlock. figured it was a bad latch so i ordered one for front door from honda. ( back door was on backorder) install and still not working. i have checked all fuses and looked for anything obvious. took it into a shop that specializes with hondas and they can not pinpoint the problem, ( i think the tech didnt want to really try and figure it out) anyway does anyone on here have any ideas of something i may of overlooked? im have a bad bcm in mind but not sure how the circuit goes exactly and if the bcm would separate the passenger from divers locks. also the front door latch has 4 wires and i believe the rear door has 6 can anyone send me a copy or let me know what the wires do so i can start testing things out to try and figure out whats going on where

on a side note the car also has these issues
remote start does not work ( im thinking cause doors wont lock or unock)
passenger seat heater turns off after a min no matter what setting it is on, drivers works fine
and rear wiper will just come on out of nowhere when front wiper is on

not sure if all those systems go through the bcm as well

thank you
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