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Driver's side wide angle mirror useful?

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I get that Honda said it's not intuitive to put the Lane Watch feature on the driver's side...looking towards the center of the car when turning left. BUT, I think it should be on the driver side as well. A quick glance to the screen would be helpful.

That said, is the wide angle inset in the driver's mirror any good? It seems pretty small to be of much help.
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If you find it to be small, just stop at the local auto parts store and you should be able to find a set you can stick on to both mirrors. Some of them even adjust to different angles for better fine tuning of seeing your blind spot.
My 2014 has the wide angel mirror on the drivers side. It bugged me at first, and now i don't even notice its there, so pretty much totally useless as far as i can tell.
Useless! I see no difference at all. Better off with a stick on one.
They used to be helpful to me when I backed into parking spaces but rear view cameras just rendered it obsolete so it's not really useful anymore.
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