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Drove a Sport Touring Yesterday

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We had to sign a paper at the dealership yesterday (2/17) and an ST had just dropped so we took the opportunity to take a short trip around the block. Great visibility, even through the spoiler. Passenger side lane monitoring camera is cool. Pickup is pretty good for no more HP (my DD has 465 so my perception may be a little skewed). I have always been skeptical about a CVT but this one acts like a box of gears and shifted at the right places. Paddle shift is going to be fun in the twisties. Speaking of which, nice tight handling and no torque steer evident. Brakes haul it down well. Comfortable seating with good adjustment. Excellent steering wheel adjustment, wish it was electric but manual keeps cost down. Nicely appointed interior. All in all, I think we're going to enjoy this car a lot when it finally arrives (it was slated to start production yesterday). -Mike
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