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Its been 30 years since Honda first stuffed a fuel injected inline four into the engine bay of the economical CRX, for the next 30 years enthusiasts have been captivated by the slick performance and sharp dynamics that have become synonymous with Si.

It all started in 1985 with the CRX Si, when Honda added the 91 hp fuel injected D15A3 4 cylinder, chopping 1.3 seconds off the CRX's 0-60 time.

In 1986 the first Civic badged USDM Si model hit stores with the same D15A3 1.5L fuel injected inline 4 as the CRX.

The 1988 CRX adopted the first major update to the Si brand, the new all aluminium fuel injected D16A6 1.6L linline 4. Power jumped from 91 horsepower to a stout 105. The second generation CRX was also the first time Si cars saw chassis upgrades as well. Improved dampers, larger front roll bar and the addition of a rear roll bar rounded out the kit.

1989 saw the debut of the second gen (but fourth gen Civic) Civic Si making use of the same suspension and all aluminium D16A6 1.6L SOHC inline 4. Power was bumped from 105 to 108 hp.

In 1992 the entire Civic lineup was given a rounded restyle and fuel injection was no longer exclusive to the Si, becoming standard across the board. In order for the Si to keep its advantage over the garden variety Civic, VTEC was born, pushing the D16A6 up to 125 hp and 106 ft-lb of torque. Other upgrades included 4 wheel disc brakes, power side mirrors and body color door handles.

The Civic del Sol Si burst onto the scene in 1993 to replace the now dead CRX. Aside from sheet metal, mechanically it was identical to the 1993 Civic Si.

From 1995 to 1998 the Civic Si was unavailable in USDM form. 1999 saw the return of the Civic Si to North American roads this time with the screaming 1.6L B16A2 kicking out 180 hp @ 8,000 RPM. In addition to the B16, the '99 Si was outfitted with stiffer springs, dampers and roll bars. Larger front rotors were also included.

In 2003 the Civic Si was actually a borrowed European Civic hatch with one catch, they added a 2.0 inline 4 which offered a torque-ier 132 ft-lbs of twist.

2006 saw the return of the Civic Si in coupe form accompanied by a north of 7000 RPM redline from the 2.0L DOHC four. 197 peak horsepower came through at 7800 RPM, while the 136 ft-lbs of torque came much lower.

In 2007 Honda introduced the Si's drivetrain to the sedans body, offering the first ever (USDM) Civic Si Sedan.

A Mugen tuned Civic Si was made available in 2008 with ground effects, giant wing, GP wheels, stiffer suspension and new exhaust.

The 2012 Civic Si is...not all that memorable as Honda took it back to the drawing board near immediately. Impressive torque figures though (170 ft-lb). Coupe and Sedan Si's were both offered from the outset.

Honda debuted the now current Civic Si in 2014, mechanically unchanged from the 2012 Si, the new cars featured much more attractive bodywork and upgraded interior materials.
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