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I'm in the market for an upgrade from my civic ep3. I want to get a ctv tranny, considering either an ex/ex-l or the sport touring.

Downsides of ex trims are the wheels and lack of dual exhaust.

I'm thinking I can put the 18 inch wheels on the ex model. Does the exhaust make much of a difference in daily driving? I'm not trying to squeeze out every single inch of power...

So, from what I can tell if I get the 18 inch wheels on an ex-l then the differences are

  • paddle shifters
  • slightly tighter steering wheel turns
  • led headlights
  • aluminum pedals
  • sound system
  • center dual exhaust

ex-l navi w/ honda sensing msrp: $26,300
let say they throw in 18 inch wheels for $800, so total is $27,100
down the road I could upgrade to aftermarket exhaust if I really wanted to.

sport touring msrp: $28,300

Assuming I can get 18 inches on an ex-l...are the extra perks on the above list worth the $1000-2000 price increase to a sport touring? As I was writing this out to ask you guys for opinions...I realized that for me, YES it is worth it. It's not much more and I'd probably leave it bone stock for a long while.
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