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EX-L upgrade to NAV and Sub

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Does anyone know if you can swap the "HMI head unit only" 39101-TBC-A61RM from the EX-L


The "HMI head unit only"39101-TBC-A71RM from the EX-Touring for an instant NAV upgrade?

Also wanting to add the Factory Sub.

anyone know the location of the 480watt Amp or the part number?
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Who knows if you'd get Nav out of the deal? I wouldn't bet any of my money on it.

Amp is http://hondapartsnetwork.com/part/9704034/Honda-Part-39186-TBA-A01-Audio-Amplifier-Assembly-Premium. It's located in the r-side foot well kick panel. There are surely harness differences that would complicate this.

The EX-L (Nav) head unit is one digit different part number from the EX-L (no Nav).
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