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I enjoyed my relationship with the diesel Jetta that I owned since 2009, I joined the Fred's TDI forum and because of this and my desire to learn I was able to save thousands on regular scheduled maintenance and the occasional failure repair. I enjoyed the sometimes 55 miles per gallon I could get lugging it in the right lane at 55 mph on the interstate and being able to do the maintenance was very satisfying. I was able to do the DSG transmission service every 40K, plus I taught myself how to do the timing belt change at 120K miles. However, as we all know the TDI "omissions" :surprise: scandal came about and this would all come to change everything.

I was going to try to milk the car to the very last day of the buyback, but the fickle finger of fate reared its ugly head. Just prior to a vacation the Jetta produced an intermittent non-start problem whereby the car would turn over but not fire up. On the way home from work the Jetta went into limp mode, this cleared itself after shutting the car off at home and it was hoped this would cause a code that I could diagnose my problem.

Anywho, to make a long story even dumber, I called the VW dealership about the possibility of replacing the Jetta with a new car. Since this was Thursday evening and I was leaving for vacation on Saturday, I had to call in sick from work in order to do something about replacing the car that was now sick and acting up. Volkswagen never called me back, so I packed the wife into her car and we went to Madison with the idea of stopping at several dealerships. We pulled into the Madison Honda dealership and met the nice sales person there, I told her my requirements for a car were; good fuel economy, LED headlights, sunroof, heated seats and sporty looking rims. While she went to get the keys to something or another, the wife and I waited in the lobby and we spied a two door Aegean blue 2017 Civic Touring Coupe. The sales lady came back with keys for this other car, we told her we wanted the Coupe. She asked if I wanted to test drive, I said no let's do the deal. We took the car on vacation to Virginia and put about 2500 miles on it before coming home. Managed to get 42 miles per gallon on average, plus it handles really cool and the gasoline zippiness of the turbo is very fun considering nine years or so with the diesel Jetta. Looking forward to driving that car for a while, nice to meet y'all!


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