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Exhaust system for my 2016 Honda civic Coupe EX-T

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Hey guys im new to this forum. I own a 2016 Honda civic Coupe EX-T. I want to change the exhaust system on my car; and I am wondering if anyone could give me some suggestions on the types of exhaust system i should get. Right now I have my eyes on Injen® - Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust System. Anyone could give me any advices?
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along with getting that you'll want to delete your resonators which is just about the cheapest thing you can do and makes a good difference. Resonator delete + a Cat-Back system = gets you off to a good start.
We have very few aftermarket parts available right now and even fewer with street or dyno proven use. Its really a crap shoot right now, so you can have a muffler shop custom you one up or wait a while longer to let the aftermarket and end users figure out what fits good, sounds good, and has actual performance gains.

Or if you just dont care about blowing money, then you could be a test bed for us!
Yea if I was going to get a catback the magnaflow looks promising.
Only two exhaust systems I know of for the civic is Injen and magnaflow. There aren't that many options out there right now.
I'm not liking the Magnaflow design. I would prefer a single pipe as straight as possible down the center.
I'm not liking the Magnaflow design. I would prefer a single pipe as straight as possible down the center.
Dual for me since when it comes to the cosmetic part of exhaust systems I just have to have it like that unless the vehicle looks good with a single, much like this generation:

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Given the stock exhaust does not exit visibly from below the bumper, cosmetics doesn't come in to play on 2016 Civics. The SI pictured has a bumper design that displays the exhaust tip.

The stock design uses tee to split the exhaust into two exits which are hidden by the bumper. The stock tee design restricts flow. I always thought the purpose of an after market exhaust was to reduce back pressure, increase horse power and/or torque and improve the sound.

I'm not sure reducing back pressure would apply to turbo charged engine because a turbo reduces flow. Maybe someone with more knowledge can chime in.
Magnaflow has 2 exposed double walled tips which look awesome.
I much prefer the magnaflow as well. I prefer the sound as well
I'd be interested in axle back although it would probably be just for looks and sound since the whole system probably is restricted.But then again the question of the turbo absorbing back pressure.I wonder if reducing back pressures would have affect on the turbo though.
For turbo applications, the free-er the exhaust flow downstream, the better it is. From what I've read over the time, around 250hp, 2.5" piping is ideal, 3" will just give you more noise. Once your in a 350+ range, 3inch and over is needed for optimal results.
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