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fabric is horrible in 2016 civic

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I love Honda and I have always been very satisfied with my Honda purchases. I bought the 2016 Civic with tan cloth seats and within a week, the interior looked like it was 10 years old. You can't put ANYTHING on a seat without it leaving some type of stain. If you try to clean it, it leaves watermark looking stains. I have had leather and cloth in my previous Honda purchases (and other brands) and never had issues like this. I understand if I was putting dirty items on the seats or something unusual, but I don't. I am very disappointed and I can't stand getting in the car because it looks awful. I stopped by the dealership less than a month after purchasing it, and the salesman acknowledged that it looked bad but no resolution. I stopped by a few weeks ago and asked if complaints had been issued. He said he hadn't heard anything. I asked him to look at the seat and again, acknowledged that it was "awful." Any other?
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The new Civic fabric is rental car quality at best. Functional, plain, and very markable. Not comfy, somewhat scratchy and abrasive. Attracts hair and doesn't let go when vacuumed.

Same with the door and center console fabric panels. I wonder how long until they fray through.

Our favorite fabric was on our 1992 Civic EX and the second favorite on our recently traded 1999 CR-V EX. Soft to the touch, pleasant bumpy texture, yet rugged. These were gray with a color pattern and stayed beautiful the life of each car. We miss the quality and ease of care.
The fabric seems to catch every little bit is dust.Im saving up for a custom leather interior.
i used neoprene seat covers as i have light grey interior. they are in need of washing, but i have to remove the seat to get them off....not a simple task, but, it's on the 'to do' list here very soon.

i also went and got a yard of fabric and 're-covered' armrest to help protect it. it was a relatively easy project. had no idea what i was getting into, but, 4 screws...some trimming...and i used the 3M blue painter's tape to hold it in place. it's been in place for almost 2 years.

just some ideas.
We chose a black Civic over the cosmic blue because of the interior color. The Mrs was just sure the lighter interior on the cosmic blue was going to be a big headache and apparantly she was right.
Black on black. It still picks up stuff like a magnet but its harder to see :)
I bought a 2016 Civic EXT Coupe with the Black and Gray cloth seats. This was my first Honda (first mistake, Honda dealer sucked) cloth interior is awful,I noticed a stain after taking it in for 3rd light cover fix. Didn't bother to complain to dealer because they wouldn't own up to it. I own other cars with cloth interiors and they were easy to clean. I am looking for a good set of seat covers. I hate Honda and I would never buy one again!
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I have a Honda fit 2016 I also have the same problem. No one seem's to know what the problem is. I even stopped by a Car Detailer, thinking they have experience in different fabrics. I got nothing. My last Honda I had for 17 yrs. The seats still look brand new. I worked for Lear seating. I personally think it could be inferior foam causing a reaction to anything the fabric touches. Bad part about it you can't get it out. Just keeps coming back. I am with you i hate getting in my car. I have been to two Dealers one in Denver and one in Detroit. I have thought about getting a new car. I refuse to get car seats covers. It is a brand new car! Thinking Subaru here.
I'm in the market for a Civic and if there was something I didn't like about the new Hatchback is definitely the fabric.. it just looked so cheaply made, a very thin cloth covering the foam underneath.. Honda could have done much better.
i'm not exactly sure how Honda does it...but where i work at, we sell fabric....and lots of it. tons of it. we don't make it, just sell it. however, our vendor won't sell a fabric on their products until it is passed by one of their engineers who tests it rigorously.

point is, we have some very thin to the touch fabric that tests out as acceptable product. i've seen them in person and they hold up very well...in an environment that abuses it moreso than a car. i'm just speaking on the type and thickness of the material, not the cleanliness of it.
The cheap fabric on the armrests and console was one of the reasons I went with the EX-L.
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