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Fabric seats with dog hair

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I am interested in the civic EX but I have a dog that sheds, was wondering if the leather would be better? I did check out the fabric seat myself and its really nice plus it looks to be made of pretty good material. Was wondering if there is anyone here which has the fabric seat and how does it handle the dog hair? Is it easy to vacuum them out?
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I ordered the rear seat cover and basically plan on not opening the windows.. sorry pup but I'm keeping this car as clean as I can
I have a friend with a dog that likes to sit in the front. She just gave up and periodically vacuumed the interior. If your dog sits in the rear then you can put in rear car seat covers.
Just about any fabric seat will make it hard to clean up dog hair, no matter what it will stick to some extent. Leather seats are always better in this situation since there are few areas where hair can stick on to.

Used to do detailing and cleaning dog hair off of fabric seats was always time consuming and a big headache.
Id say that vacuuming regularly and putting a cover of some kind on the seat are the best ways to take care of dog shedding.
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