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I am new member to this forums and I want to say I am super impressed with the Civic. All my life I have been honda/acura fan and owner and i am at the point that I am looking for a new vehicle.

I would most likely get Touring model, but two things that are absent as bugging me:
- homelink - yes, I know I can use a remote transmitter but that is not the point when a car that is approaching 30k price mark - I believe it should have it
- rear vents - I know Civic has heated seats, but they are useless when it is hot outside, so I believe rear vents are more practical and beneficial - plus they will help to quicker cool or warm up the interior of the whole car.

Other then the two, I cant really think of anything that I would like to have on this car. Are you guys finding anything that the car is perhaps missing or wish it had?
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