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Finally Picked it up

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Hello all. I have finally picked up my new 2016 Honda Civic EX this past weekend. I haven't had to much time to play with all the features but so far I'm quite impressed with everything. I will get pictures up tonight. I feel I got a good price at $19,624.18 and that was with the extended warranty.

Does anyone know if there are ant good apps for smartphones that work with the Honda Link software or if they are even worth it.
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Welcome to the forums and congratulations. That does sound like a pretty good price indeed. Can't wait to see pictures ! As for the apps I'm really not that sure
Congrats and welcome to the forum.

Have you started to think about what modifications and accessories you want to get? I know window tints are the standard by default for obvious reasons
Honda has an app called HondaLink Aha, never really tried it but it should be able to access things like yelp and facebookm etc.

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