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First oil change 2016 civic

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Alrighty so I have a Issue id like help with.. I bought a 2016 civic lx in February and just yesterday April 23rd I did its first oil change.. Here were the steps I did
1. Took off the plate under the car protecting the components
2. Drained the oil
Now here's where it gets crazy.. On my dashboard I was only getting a code to do a oil change without the filter change I read the forums people were saying Honda suggest doing the oil and filter change every other oil change so I did just that only doing a oil change without filter so I drained the oil cleaned it up put 4.2 is qrtz of mobile 1 full synthetic oil in the engine and took my car off the ramps let it sit on a leveled surface for about 5 mins to let the oil set checked the dip stick and it was perfect .. I went to reset the oil life meter and hoping the "A" code will go away a "B" pops up letting me now know to do a filter change.. So I drive the car that I just put new oil into to autozone got a filter went home and put it on and yes some oil did come out but I was thinking it was the old oil so put the new filter on and then I rested the oil life minder again hoping the "B" will go away now I'm getting a "A" code again for a oil change someone please help!!
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Julian, it's only software, so I'm sure there's a sequence of push buttons that will reset the prompts. However, I have to question the wisdom of changing only the oil or filter. My recommendation is to change both oil and filter when needed.
when I bought the new car salesman said you need came every oil change to dealer for under the warranty your dealer didn't said anything about the oil change ?
what mileage are you supposed to change oil at? I believe my salesman said every 10K which I thought was ridiculous. I prefer every 3K which is what I am going to do. I do believe it tells you in the owners manual on how to reset your oil change code.
It is absolutely false that you need to have dealer change oil to keep warranty CY7. As long as you have proof of the oil purchases and filter purchases, and document in your manual when you did changes, that is fine. I always keep the portion of the flap on the filter box showing which filter I bought and write the mileage on it and keep it in my owner's manual.
Vader, as long as you are not doing heavy traffic stop and go, or mainly short trips, 10k is fine, but I only use Synthetic oil and quality filters.
I'll try to answer everyone's question at once.. My dealer did tell me they will do the first change for free which was cool with me but I really wanted to do it by myself to ensure myself that my car is getting what it really needs.. And yes I did reset the oil life code where the codes show up but it still comes up as if I never did a oil change.. The reason why I just did the oil change was because someone on the forums was saying that their dealer told them to do the filter change as well every other oil change but after I did my oil change I reseted the code thing and it piped up as a filter change i changed the filter again and now it's telling me to do another oil change I've already checked the dipstick the oil is good
Do you also use a filter in the drain pan where you drain oil to check for metal shavings? I heard it's a good thing to do, not sure how bad those shavings can get and if it's worth tracking them but I see a lot of people do it. I guess shavings might show up most in the first few oil changes?
My 9th gen. has always shown a "B" on the MM after an "A" change. The MM is always showing what service is due next. You just did an "A" change, so the MM should be showing a "B". Any time you check the vehicle maintenance panel, it will show you the upcoming maintenance schedule, even if it's just after an oil change. FWIW, I always change the filter when I change the oil. I've been following the MM and changing oil/filter when the oil life measures 15% or shortly there after. Last week I changed Black Betty's oil/filter at 10%. I use Mobil1 full syn. 0W-20 oil and an M1 110 filter.
Another good thing to change at every oil change is the drain plug washer. Not everyone changes it every oil change but it's too cheap not to do. Along with changing that, some change the drain plug every oil change, excessive but it can make sense.

Anyone perform an entire oil change service where you lube hinges, doors, check tire pressure, etc?
I change the crush washer each time also. The salesman gave me a baker's dozen of them when we took possession of the car. In a pinch, you can reverse the washer one time and have it seal OK . I did that a couple of times on the '97 Civic EX we had. I lube hinges, check the CV boots, check the fluid levels, touch any rust under the car with RustStop, and I also give the gas cap gasket a liberal coating of ArmourAll to keep it soft and sealing properly. Black Betty also gets a bottle of Techron in the gas tank with each oil change. I don't (and never have) use Top Tier Gas, so I do the additive thing from a bottle. Not a single engine problem ever. Tire pressures and fluid levels also get checked the first of every month.
I check all the fluids, lube hinges and cut open the oil filter and cut the paper element out and inspect for metal. run a magnet over it to see if there is ferrous particulates (we do this at all aviation oil changes) probably excessive but it is a habit.
High Mileage thanks for the info. I will stick with synthetic oil as well but will change oil sooner, old school and habit I guess. Cheap insurance in my book.
Oh yeah, I forgot. I also log the oil changes in the service book that came with my car and attach receipts to that page. I also log the service on my Honda owner's web pages.
first oil change

I ALWAYS change the oil at about 2500 miles after the car is purchased. Reason being is that new engines tend to get more metal shavings in the oilpan during the initial break-in period. This ensures that those abrasive shavings are flushed out of the engine during this critical time in the life of the engine.
Does it matter what kind of brand you use for the car? I am thinking about using the Mobil 1 0w-20 advanced fuel econ oil, its 23 bucks right now at Wal-Mart for a 5 qt bottle.
Nothing wrong with the factory oil. Heard it's supposed to have a high molybdenum content that's meant to be left in the car until the suggested oil change period. Found this on Honda's website:
There is absolutely no benefit in changing your oil more frequently than recommended in your owner's manual. This will only increase your cost of ownership, and create an unnecessary burden upon the environment by increasing the amount of disposed oil.
People say it helps to change the oil sooner because of metal shavings but looking at what's reported above it almost seems better to just take that risk and stick with what could benefit the car long term from what the car maker is saying and what you guys might find is that even a handful of oil changes down the road you'll still see metal shavings. Old cars too.
I think the metal shavings thing came to be in case some debris got into the oil while it was being assembled.
Since we're on the topic of oil changes I though maybe someone here could get a thread going on brands and types of oil to use from those brands since I know some people swear by specific brands and grades of oil.

Gear heads swear by Motul.
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