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Im sure this as been discussed many times about the new civic but for what I have been reading they seem to have nothing but trouble with the electronics aspect of them.. Im currently driving a 2006 civic lx and looking to upgrade to a 2016 ex 2.0 , while nothing is wrong with my car these 10th gens are really catching my eye.. what I'm asking the civics sitting at dealerships right now should the bugs be out of them, I hear if they have a march build date they're fine? will they have the software updates? This will be my first brand new car and plan on keeping it for at least 10 years or more, my biggest worry is the headunit dying out at some point and not lasting the life of the vehicle.. so would i be safe to buy now? or wait till later in the year and buy a 2017? any help would be great thanks!!
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Welcome to the forum!

I would assume most problems where a recall was needed would not show up on your new Civic sedan and I think dealerships update the the systems of the models that are sitting on their lots when those updates become available. You could always ask if everything was up to date before signing anything.

As for the head unit dying, I really can't tell the future with these since they are still relatively new tech but you can always think about getting extended warranty.
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