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Hey everyone. I just bought a 2016 EXT (CVT). I'm a first time Civic owner, just traded in my CRZ (They are an acquired taste but I loved that car). I'm sure a dozen people are going to jump on me for getting the CVT - I drive a decent amount for work and I spend a large Chuck on my time in the car sitting in traffic. I enjoy driving a stick but for an every day car and the amount of time I spend in stop and go traffic, the CVT was better for me.

I have no aspirations of making this a race car, I just wanted a fun daily driver with a little quickness to it. That being said I have some questions for you experienced civic owners...

First, I would like to make some simple mods that don't break the bank BUT I do not want to risk voiding the cars warranty, which I know just about any modification will do. Since 10gen is only a couple years old I am assuming most owners are still into their warranty period. How are you guys getting around voiding the warranty and can you suggest any simple mods that might be easily reversible should I need the car serviced? I was thinking about an intake... I would also love to change the headlights. My CRZ had HIDs and I don't understand why Honda would go back to halogen! I hate the yellowish look of those head lights with the white led running lights.

Any advice you guys can give me to get the most enjoyment out of my new civic would be greatly appreciated! Also if anyone can recommend any good sites for mods, thanks!!!

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Welcome to the forum! Congrats on your purchse!
HID or LED headlight conversion kit is perfect way to change the light output on your car (not sure if it can void the warranty though). I represent CARiD.com - forum vendor, there are quite a lot of aftermarket upgrades on our site, including LED headlight conversion kits and air intakes. View all available parts for your civic by clicking on the link in my signature!

How about some new custom wheels? This is one of the coolest mod that you can do to your Civic, and it wouldn't void the warranty.
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