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First-time Civic owner

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Long-time owner of Honda motorcycles. Not sure why it took me so long to try a car. Bought a 2016 Civic LX yesterday.
Already enjoying the fuel-efficiency as displayed by the trip computer.
Looking forward to see how it handles on a road trip with all four of the family on board.
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Also an owner of a Honda bike (2013 CBR500R ABS) here! Got into my CBR because I loved our 8th gen civic, now looking to add a 10th gen into the family of Hondas. What bike do you ride if you don't mind me asking? :)
I too have never owned a Honda car. I have a '96 ST1100, a couple Gen1 KLR 650's and a '87 BMW K75 with 335K miles. I do all my own work on these. I'm currently looking and test driving different makes. Civic LX or EX probably. I maintain and tend to keep stuff forever and I'm more than a bit hesitant of all the tech once the warranty expires. I understand it's typical on all newer cars (and bikes for that matter-hence why I prefer the older ones). Maintaining the mechanical stuff isn't going to reduce the risk of electronics failure$. I'm pretty sure that most of it must work in order to pass PA inspection.
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