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Hey guys, so recently been thinking about getting a flexfuel sensor and kit so I can run ethanol. Before I spend the money on a Flashpro and kit, wanted to ask some basic questions.

Apologize in advance if these are dumb questions but I need to know the basics before committing on the purchase.

1. Can I use Hondata flash pro pre-programmed maps only to tune my ECU to support flexfuel? Do I still need a custom tune if I use Hondata flash pro?

2. What blend of ethanol can I run? For example can I run anything from a regular E10 mix all the way to E85 and any mixture in between? Can I fill up E85 on an empty tank or do I have to mix with 93 everytime? Some kits don't have a alcohol content gauge, how do you control the mixture proportion?

3. Is there an optimal mixture?

4. Is there any harm done to the car or engine if I do not run the optimal mixture?

5. Do I need to toggle back and forth between flexfuel tune and regular pump gas tune? Since pump gas usually is E10 anyway, is this even a concern?

Thanks in advance for any and all replies, appreciate it.
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