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Subaru's make excellent cars. I was a Subaru driver myself before I purchased a 2016 Civic Touring. The reason I did not stick to the Subaru brand were numerous, but the primary reason is that I no longer live in the snow belt. AWD is a nice feature, but it costs a lot in weight and fuel efficiency and any benefit you get from AWD in day to day driving can be replicated with a good traction control system. If you absolutely must drive in snow, just putting snow tires on your regular car will go a long way towards getting you around.

Subaru's have to make trade off's to stay competitive. Chief among them is sound deadening. You will find that in general, with a few excepts, subaru's tend to be pretty loud on the road. Subaru has done an admiral job in using an in-house developed CVT to increase fuel economy, but in the case of the impreza, you are stuck with a 140 ish hp motor. The Civic will get much better mileage with nearly 40 more horses under the hood.
You will also see other tradeoff's in interior materials as well. AWD probably adds about 1000 dollars (in Subaru's economies of scale case) to the cost of a car, so you have to find areas to cut to stay competitive.

It ends up coming down to what do you want? Do you want an bulletproof drivetrain that will basically never break? OR do you want some more creature comforts, a better ride and more fuel economy.
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