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Got new '16 civic LX sedan with honda sensing package!

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Just got myself the LX sedan in Crystal Black Pearl with Honda Sensing package from Team Powerhouse honda of Milton Ontario. I traded in my '12 LX coupe 5 spd for it as my lease was over. Leasing the new car for $290/month. Only 600km on her. So still breaking her in. Had to get it from Owen Sound as LX with the honda sensing package is hard to find here in Ontario. Ive noticed they shrunk the gas tank from the 50L in the '12 to 47L. I guess to make more room for the bigger trunk so max range when i just filled it said 620km. As opposed to the 700+km that was in my '12 coupe. Oh well sill getting 6.2-6.3l/100km. YAY!
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Welcome to the forums and congrats ! How are you liking the drive so far ??
Not a bad price to be paying for it on a monthly basis.
Too bad it's not like other car makers and other dealerships that offer free maintenance for a couple years.
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