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GPS issue

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Yesterday I was on a bit of a road trip of which the first 1/2 I was familiar with, the second 1/2 was new territory for me so I decided .. Good time to give the GPS a first tryout. I programed the destination and it worked fine until about 1/2 way through I made a pit stop and when I resumed the GPS kept recalculating and the map was showing my location about 200 yards to the right from actual. On the map I could see the road I was supposed to be on but no way would the arrow that is supposed to be me connect to it and the altitude and time of arrical were goofy.

Nothing I did would reset it untill I physically shut the car off and let it sit for a few minutes.
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If the GPS isn't used for awhile (like parked in garage not getting sat signals for several weeks) it takes a while to upload sat almanac data, to determine where the sats are and to lock on to their signal. This obviously not the case since it worked fine the first half of trip. Guessing if it persists, you may have a faulty antenna for GPS signals. Any chance you were driving in a gorge/ravine/valley, or somewhere geographical features would block view of satellites? Heavy canopies of trees and geography could block sat signals if the sats you were locked onto were low on the horizon.

Also, solar flares or solar storms periodically create atmospheric disturbances that interfere with sat signals, causing the positional error you experienced.
well that rules out blocked or attenuated signals, plus I checked K factor for past several days, been quiet (solar interference). Going with bad antenna or software glitch.
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