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Greetings from The Old Man

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I have gone from very likely the youngest owner/driver of the recent (2002-2005) "retro" Thunderbird to likely the oldest owner/driver of a new 2017 Civic Si. Over the years I have owned and driven: A VW Beetle, two Karmann-Ghia Convertibles, the very first Fox platform Mustang (1979) and the first with a turbocharged engine (which still haunts me regarding turbochargers) two VW GTis. (Back when the term "pocket rocket" was used instead of "hot hatch.") These were followed by a Jetta, a Triumph TR-3, a Dodge Neon, Toyota Corolla, PT Cruiser and the aforementioned T-Bird. Also a presence in my motoring life for 16 years so far is a 1999 Honda Shadow Aero that so far has 56,000 miles (My quest is to confirm that it has a six-figure odometer.)
My middle daughter purchased a new 2006 Civic Si and ever since I've always admired not only the performance but the build quality and value. (She's a smart kid, she wanted a car that would last through the end of high school, college, medical school and her residency. Despite the fact that it is now showing the effects of hardly ever being garaged it's still running like, well, a Honda.
I have found forums to be THE BEST source of information. I look forward to reading and participating.
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