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Had to make an awkward stop

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Wife and I checked out several vehicles and none really held a candle to the Civic. This afternoon I had to drop by the Dodge dealership (in my new EX T) to pick up my drivers license because I accidentally left it in a Dart GT I tested.
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So did you actually buy the Civic yet?

That would be an awkward stop. :p
Yep! Pulled into the Dodge dealership IN the Civic lol. It was a little awkward especially because the guy knew I'd been looking at Civics and kept saying how the Dart was all around better, quicker (not true), etc XD
Sounds like fun to me. I bet he'll tell the next Dart shopper how much better a Dart is than the '16 Civic as well.
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Did the dodge salesperson make any awkward attempts at conversation? :D

"So you bought a honda civic?"
"Nice Civic EX T"
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