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To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, Honda and Sega has teamed up to create the Sonic Civic.

The design and customization project was led by Fox Marketing Cars who took a Civic Touring Sedan and churned out a customized vehicle within two short weeks. Painted in the speeding hedgehog’s BASF R-M Candy Sonic Blue and Sonic Yellow for the badge and ABS plastic body kit, the design was finished off with a one-of-a-kind Sonic the Hedgehog vinyl. But, what is Sonic without his red shoes and gold rings? That’s where the front and rear wheels come in, all four painted to match the vinyl design.

Inside, the seats have been reupholstered in blue, white and red to match the exterior and custom Sonic the Hedgehog 25th Anniversary logos were embroidered onto the Katzin Blue Leather seats’ headrests. The goodies doesn’t end there, mounted onto the floor of the trunk is a 32-inch television screen and it’s paired with two 500-watt T1S2 10-inch subwoofers and two 500-watt TM400 400-watt amplifiers for the ultimate Sonic the Hedgehog experience wherever you go.

Not only did the Sonic Civic receive a cosmetic makeover, performance parts were installed as well. Mugsy’s Repair had their platinum certified Honda technicians upgrade the engine with a K&N Intake system and cat-back Magnaflow exhaust system which combined, adds an additional 15wph. Fuel economy saw an improvement as well with an additional 2MPG. Next up was suspension, the BC Suspension Coilovers for a 4.5” drop over those red and yellow 18x8 Konig Oversteer wheels encased in Toyo T1 Sport Tires. Going faster is great but stopping is important too so that’s why 13.3” WP Pro Brake Sawblade Rotor with a 6-piston caliper is included in this build.

If they ever start selling Sonic Civics, will any of you be interested in one?

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I think they could have selected better wheels that really give off a wow factor. But I guess they're trying to keep this as a low budget temporary build which will soon find its way back to stock and on the used car market.
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