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This just in, the hatchback Civic lives again!

Nikkei is reporting that Honda will attempt to boost productivity in England by using slack capacity to build cars for North American export. Hondas decision to import the new Jazz from Japan instead of building them at their Swindon, U.K plant has left the facility with idled production lines.

30,000-40,000 5 door Hatchback Civics are expected to roll out of Swindon for export beginning early next summer. The idea being that a 5 door Civic will allow Honda to compete better with the Mazda3, Golf, Elantra and Focus.

Source: thetruthaboutcars.com

What I'm wondering is if Honda doesn't perhaps have something fun up their sleeve. Honda has sent over Civics built in Swindon before, remember the 02-05 Civic SiR? Could we see Honda offer the 5 door Civic only in top guise Si (or SiR) in order to better bake the import costs into MSRP?
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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