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Hello fellow Honda Head brethren...

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Hey guys. I'm a member of the 8th gen civic forum community and HIDPlanet.net. I just registered here at the 9th gen forum and I'm excited to learn more about the 9th gen model.

I currently, drive a 2009 8th gen Civic FA5 Si in ROP. Here is a pic shot by a good friend and photographer:

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Welcome, Nice photo. Like the color of your Si a lot. Also like those wheels over the current offering.

mulholland drive ?
I am a fan of the 8th gen Civic. Very clean lines. That design will age very well, and that colour is awesome!
Noticed your 9th gen mentioned, this forum is on the 10th generation civic MY2016+

hey welcome to the boards! Any interest in the 10th?
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