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Hello from Central Jersey

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My name is Manny i currently own a 2010 Civic Ex. I have been lurking on this site for months but after seeing the 2016 in person yesterday i had to become a part of this community. I am planning on saving up and buying a 2.0 Ex around this time next year. Waiting to see how the coupe looks to decide whether a coupe or sedan will be the way i go. Love how these cars look.

For those in NJ Open Road Honda in Edison has 3 2016's black(lx), modern steel(EX) and the gray/silver color(turbo).

Initial thoughts on the car (I did not test drive)
Seats are very comfortable. Back seats have about and extra 3 inches between knees and front seat (I'm 5'9)
Trunk is very large although it looks smaller from the exterior
The touch screen looks amazing. The LX had a rental car type center console.

Guy walked out and was like want to take it home tonight. I wish i could have said yes. I wanted to be one of the first with one of these!!
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Glad to have you here. Is the choice between sedan and coupe just down to looks?

What are you driving now?
Glad to have you here. Is the choice between sedan and coupe just down to looks?

What are you driving now?
Currently have a 2010 Civic Ex has around 90k on it. The choice between the sedan and coupe will come down to looks as well as practicality. I mean im 22 so if i'm eveer going to own a coupe now is the time to do it. But i also drive around with my family alot so the coupe wouldn't really be something for me. That's my main reason for being torn.
Hard choice...If you're not in a hurry for a new car, I would suggest you wait until the coupe is out and test drive them both. I'm driving around in a 2007 rust bucket but I still want to take my time to decide.
How long do you plan to keep your new car?
At least if you end up going for the sedan, you'll still get something sporty enough, much more than the current civic, and if you're the type of person to do ECU tunes... you can get it to be zippy enough.
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