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Hello from new member

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Long time member of the 8th and 9th gen boards, plus the old EP3 forums... still rockin' a Civic

08 FG Coupe (Civic Si coupe)... 75K, original owner. Before that was an EP3 (04 Civic Si hatch), and before THAT was
a 94 Civic coupe DX manual...

Been almost 8 years with the 08 (bought in 07) and the wife needs a new car so we are waiting for the 5 door 1.5T w/ 6-speed (hopefully that'll happen), OR the 5-Door Si (hopefully THAT will happen, too...)


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Welcome to the forum ! That 08 looks really clean ! a 5-door Si would be awesome. I'm still rolling around in my 02' debating on making the jump
Hah, thanks! There are (of course) a few small dings and scratches ;( (of course, given it's age)... but it looks good after a wash/wax...

An 02? Nice.
Welcome to the forum.

Glad to have someone on here that owned what could be said to be the last of the cool Civic, till now, those EP3's were awesome. Still nothing like the era of EG and EK hatches but close enough, especially with that K-Series powerplant.

Do you still miss your EP3?
I do... I love the FG, but there was something special about the EP3, and not just the practicality of that hatch!
Welcome to the forum I'm a member of both 8th and 9th AKA Ghostmonky
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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