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hello from ohio

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Just purchased a 2017 honda civic silver hatchback Ex. Last monday some lady pulled out in front of me and totalled my 2015 civic Ex. I am glad to have the newer one. I'm looking forward to doing some upgrades when parts start becoming available. i already got window tint scheduled for couple weeks. I will get some morimoto hids on order this week. I debadged today.

looking forward to learning, meeting new people, and hopefully running into some Ohio people here.
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Hello and welcome.

The new hatch is so nice. Good choice.
Welcome to the forums and sorry to hear about the accident. Hope you're feeling alright. Congrats on the purchase though, and post some pictures up after the tint! How dark are you going?
Glad to have you here.

Are you planning to do any performance modifications or just keep it to cosmetics?

I hope you plan on doing something about protecting that paint, during these early days there's nothing better you can get done than that.

Keep us posted on how things go.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from a mid Oh Honda / Acura fan.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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