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Hey guys! I have a 2019 civic touring coupe with all of the bells and whistles. i have a bad glitching problem with apple carplay and sometimes the cameras don't work.

Sometimes the radio will just freeze and reboot. And sometimes just a black screen.. i took it to honda 3+ times and they told me it was an apple thing and they told me not to pair my phone. I did just that, and it still happened. SO i brought it in for the 4/5th time and now they are replacing it under my honda care warranty..

Has anyone had this problem before?

When honda replaces the head unit, will it be the same software that glitched with carplay? or will it be improved?

i'm getting tired of getting stuck on the side of the road because my maps just randomly go black and you can't do anything with the screen.
Had similar issues in my 2016 touring once the display was replaced all seemed to be good (Samsung)
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