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HELP! Headlight Removal ??

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Ugh. Blew it big time just now. Had LED amber blinkers in my headlights for about a week. Decided I would change back to regular bulbs until I got the parts to resolve the hyperlink issue. Changed the passenger side bulb back to original without issue. Driver side LED must have been loose in the socket. Twisted to unlock, started to slowly pull the socket and bulb from the headlight housing and the bulb fell into the housing. Just spent an hour in the dark with a straw, some fishing line, and a flashlight trying to lasso the **** bulb out without success. Going to have to remove the housing tomorrow to get the bulb out. Has anyone removed the headlights on these 10th gens yet? I did a quick search and didn't find anything. Does anyone have the service manual and can post the removal procedure? Do I have to remove the whole front bumper to remove the driver side headlight housing? I could stab myself in the eye right now, not looking forward to doing this. I guess its a good excuse to properly install some HIDS in the lows and fogs. :|
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You are lucky :) I just change my headlight to LED. Pleasse check attack PDF how to remove.


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THANK YOU! That will come in handy when I pull the fogs to put on some clear protective vinyl, and again when I replace the horrible horn they put in this car.

The good news is I decided to try again with the fishing line and a straw in the daylight and was able to lasso the bulb out. Took all of about 15 minutes. So happy that I wont have to take the front end apart just yet.

Thanks again for the printout.
You are lucky :) I just change my headlight to LED. Pleasse check attack PDF how to remove.
Great first post, we need more people like you here lol.

Those documents (or even this post) should be included in a sticky thread, will go a long way in helping others and answering questions.
Thanks Star :) I was old member of 8th Gen already.
8th,long time,you are old fans
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