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Help Me Choose the Color of My New Civic!

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Hi all, I posted in a different thread earlier today and realized that it was the incorrect thread. Sorry about that!
I'm purchasing a 2016 Civic Touring in a few days, but I'm having some trouble deciding which color to get. I'm torn between the Cosmic Blue Metallic and the Modern Steel Metallic. From my point of view, the cosmic blue seems less masculine and also very bold-looking, but it's fairly dark in-person. The modern steel is very mature, classy, and bold to me. Anyways, I'd like to hear your input on which color of the two you prefer and why!

Cosmic Blue Metallic

Modern Steel Metallic
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There is not a correct answer.

Preference for gray interior has driven us to to the same choice. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to see the cosmic blue metallic yet since the dealer here hasn't had one in that color yet and the nearest dealer that has is a $178 round trip. (Also haven't seen '16 Civic in white orchid pearl, burgundy night pearl, or lunar silver metallic. The only aegean blue metallic they've had sold before we saw it. Since most of these are common Honda colors, we've seen cars, if not '16 Civics, in all the colors but the '16 Civic premiered colors, BNP and CBM.)

From all the pictures, the CBM looks great well lit and very dark otherwise. I suspect would be harder to keep looking clean than the MSM.

If we will pull the trigger, it will likely be on the MSM.
You almost have to look at them both side by side in full sunlight, and also in evening (low light), and night time.

Go to Cars.com and filter to show New->2016 Civics, Blue in one browser window, and do New->2016 Civics Gray in another browser window.

Find dealer pictures in different lighting conditions - some even have pictures in the rain!

I did this before I decided my color
You almost have to look at them both side by side in full sunlight, and also in evening (low light), and night time.
Good advice. Get a real good look at them in various light conditions, and a preference will likely come to light.

Personally, I like Cosmic Blue (good to have some color rather than white/black/gray/silver). White is a very popular "color" but it's the least desirable hue to me.

Having said all that, both Cosmic Blue and Modern Steel look good on the Civic.
I would go with Cosmic Blue since it isn't a type of blue you typically see and judging from what i've seen currently, the trend will hold up that even once a lot of these are on the road... Cosmic Blue still won't be as common.
You have to choose what appeals to YOU.
I went with Rallye Red as it is a nice bright color, stands out in the crowd, catches your eye, its very sporty and not gender specific.
You must do what you feel is right for you, what ever color catches your eye best is what you should go for, who cares what we think?
Its you who is making the payments right?
I prefer the Cosmic just because everyone and their mum has a silver car nowdays...
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I prefer the Cosmic just because everyone and their mum has a silver car nowdays...
True Silver cars is the number 1 color of all
I find the blue boring. Silver isn't much more interesting, but the navy blue is pretty mundane.
That cosmic blue looks like it belongs on a more expensive car. Very rich tone with real depth.

Do you want to stand out, or be unseen, unnoticed?

Sure can't do anything nefarious in mine. But black, white, silver, gray and all in between are practically invisible. Just the thing for most folks.

Also, with the blue you are certain to avoid the black interior option. Unimaginative, drab, shows scuff marks a lot.
So, have you chosen? You really need to buy the color you like, no what others do.
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Also keep in mind the colors look drastically different in person
I really like white cars, as well as silver and blue. I wish Honda offered gray interior on the white and silver '16 Civics, but I do not think they do now. It used to be an interior color option on silver cars, but not for '16. You can get black or beige interior. They also do not offer gray interior on the '16 Accord with white exterior, but do on the silver models.

Just be sure to get the color you really want. I was "tricked" by my local Hyundai dealer into buying my '15 Sonata. They only had one on the lot in the trim I wanted with the colors I wanted. It was red and I really didn't want red, I wanted either white, dark blue or silver. He said no more '15 models were coming in, so if I wanted the discounts, I had better get that one. He said they could get me one from another dealer, but I would not get the incentives. About a week later, they received about 10 new '15 models and yeah there were several white and blue ones, with the options I wanted with the same discount. lol. Oh well.
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I think the worst thing to do is solicit opinions! I did that for my last car, and it made the choice more confusing than ever. Plus, my friends bad mouthed the color I wanted, making me feel like an idiot.
After seeing all the Hondas in the daylight at a dealers, I found both of your choices far too dark for my taste. I will be getting a white coupe when available. I found the pictures on the web poorly represented how dark they were.
I wish there was a few more exciting colors to choose from. The green on the coupe was ugly and a lot of the other colors are pretty dark. Chevy has some brighter colors to choose from.
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