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Hey guys I'm brand new, I can barely find the information I'm looking for online related to upgrading head units in these trims and looking for any advice. I am looking at both an LX trim and EX trim, I would prefer the EX trim for overall speakers and the lanewatch system. But I am torn between the possibility of when upgrading an EX head unit all I see for reviews is bad news regarding the lane watch system no longer working, with the extra harness/connectors for head units that accept camera input it seems really hit or miss and I would hate to lose out on the lanewatch just to have an upgraded head unit and subs in my soon to be car. However on the other end of the spectrum, the LX seemingly does not have lanewatch ie. no extra harness and electrical issues trying to upgrade, but they come with less general speakers in the car. Does anyone have any advice on the best route here or any place to get a solid review on upgrading and keeping lanewatch functionalty? Thanks
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