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Help with new wheels and tires

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Hello everyone;
I'm looking to upgrade my rims/tires but I'm not sure about the sizes...I already have my eyes set on the 18 inch Konig oversteer. And i imagine the tires would have to have lower profile since the rims would be bigger. Also if I wanted wider wheels, what would I have to look for size-wise...thanks in advance
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The new Sport Hatchback is using 235-40-18 if that helps......
Here's a tire size calculator.
Would the wheels cause a problem if it's 18.1mm closer to the suspension strut?
Really all depends on how much clearance there is right now. I haven't really seen anyone post that information yet but I'm sure you can use the existing size pointed out for what the hatch uses. Wonder what the offset of those are though.
This is the wheel calculator I use: https://www.rimsntires.com/specspro.jsp

Assuming the stock 17 X 7 wheels have an offset of 45 with a tire size 215 X 55 17 (Touring)

An 18 X 8 48 wheel with 235 X 45 18 tires would have the same diameter (+ 1mm). This setup would be 0.5" closer to the suspension and 0.3" farther out which should not create a clearness issue. At 60 mph for the stock set up, it would be faster at 60.1 mph.

This combination would look the same in the wheel well and provide a 1" wider contact patch while not effect the speedometer reading very much.
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