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Hey all. Here's a picture of my civic.

I used to drive an old 2002 TL with 255,000 kilometers on it. Until it crapped out on me.

Decided on a LX model mainly because most of the tech features from the American. EX are on the Canadian LX. The only thing I miss from my Acura is the sunroof.

I just discovered the S and L shifts after having the car for more than a week. (Surprise).

A lot of the posts on here have influenced my decision of buying this car over another brand like Hyundai. Thanks.

Things that I've done to the car:
-Tinted windows 20% all around
-Jdm badges

Planning to do next(but these are bigger purchases so I'm not sure how likely I'll get to them in the near future.):
-Wrap roof black
-Get rims/17 inch tires


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nice ride and i feel you with the sunroof..i had it in my r18
welcome to this forum!
your like me! ill probably have wheels next year!(1 year deciding on wich rims.....thats exellent!)
or when i have enough money to hit a big deal

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Nice^^^^^Welcome is the forum.
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