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HFP Suspension

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Will there be or is there an HFP suspension option for the EX sedans? I am very interested.
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I don't believe there are any suspension options available as of yet. A lot of people are really looking and we're not getting any real accurate information on it
bummer I was gonna order mine with the kit if they did. my dealership doesn't have any EX-T's in stock so im gonna have to order mine exactly how I want it :)
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Haven't heard of anything coming down the pipeline as yet but it might be possible that if you contact Honda they can give you some sort of timeline when to expect it.
I may end up going with a coil over system depending on a difference in price compared to the hfp kit if one comes out. I had megan racing coilovers on my 8th gen coupe. not sure whos got the best kit these days.
There should be soon, personally id go with an adjustable coilover though
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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